There are two main ways to lose weight. The first is eating healthy. The second way to exercise. Neither of these methods is easy! In other words, to lose weight, one must have the right mind to do so. They need to be disciplined and strive on even when things get tough at times. For this post, we will focus on aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise literally burns calories. Imagine the thousands of calories we eat each day. Better yet, picture two different people who both weigh 200 pounds. They are both men, the same age, and height. Now, imagine one of them exercises for 30 minutes each day, while the other does not.

Fast forward 6 months! The one who did not exercise is probably the same weight. They might even be a pound or two heavier. On the other hand, take a look at the one who exercised for 30 minutes each day. His pants no longer fit! This is because he lost weight. He may have lost a full 10 pounds. That, and his belt might be a couple belt loops tighter.

It’s really that easy. Except it’s not! Stick with an exercise plan is tough. One day missed turns into two days missed very fast. And then it might turn into three days missed. With exercise, like anything, it’s easy to fall into old habits.

The most important thing about the plan isn’t how many minutes per day to do exercise. The most important thing about the plan is sticking with it. It’s alright to miss a day or two. However, it’s critical to the plan to get back on track when life gets busy. And life does get busy. That’s why skipping a few days here and there should be part of the original plan. If it’s planned that a few days will be skipped, it will be easier to jump right back in.