Month: January 2018

In the past year, I recently got heavily involved and enthralled with digital marketing. I wrote this article earlier last month to help those who I have learned the knicks and knacks from. Take a look below at my recent post and let me know what you think. Pompano Beach Handyman has recently shared this post over 10 times.

Everyone is in an uproar because they cannot access the searches per month estimations. It is showing values like 1k-10k for specific keywords. Google sucks lol.

It does make sense. I imagine they are burning a ton of bandwidth by having tens and tens of thousands of people using their platform every day and not spending any money. Tough being one of the richest companies in the world.

I digress…

The workaround is simple. You need to be “running ads” in order to see the data. Pay to play baby. If you don’t want to run ads then follow this quick step by step.

  1. Create a Google account and campaign in Adwords
  2. Verify your email and add a CC for billing information
  3. Quickly create a new campaign.
  4. Set your CPC to $.01 and the daily budget to $1.00
  5. Choose keywords with much more CPC than $.01
  6. Finish the setup
  7. Access the planner through the tools section or just make sure the correct account is selected when you want to mine some Google data 🙂

The low cost means that the ads will be enabled but never fire because the budget is not there. Boom. Have a nice weekend LCT

Another Option and Quicker if you have an MCC. If not you can set one up

You need to to go to Sign up for free, choose to manage other people’s accounts while making the account. Once the account is made, you will be at the dashboard. Click on the orange drop-down button that says account. Click new Adwords account, use the new name as “research”. Then click create account. Click campaigns, then click tools, keyword planner.

You will now have a free keyword planner without having to spend money on ads Thanks Andy Suver

PS…If your kw tools are discombobulated because they are using Googles API then remember to access the account that is “running the ads”

My Diet – Part 2

Last week I wrote about how I’ve turned over a new leaf. I talked about how, finally, I was ready to go on a diet. One week later, today, this is still true, mostly. Perhaps I can say that the theme of this post if two steps forward and one step back. Well, I guess it’s better than saying one step forward and two steps back!

I still haven’t eaten fast food. I still haven’t had pop (or soda). But, with Christmas, comes food. And my workplace is always filled with food during Christmas. Cookies, chocolates, and other sweets sit on tables, just waiting to be picked up. And so I walked over to the tables. I glanced at the delights that I would soon enjoy.

Yes, I had cookies. Yes, I had chocolates. And yes, I ate many pretzels. But what about my diet? It’s true that I have seemed to bend my rules. Maybe I even broke them. But I only did so for a day. Maybe I should consider it my cheat day. After all, a cheat day is like a pressure release valve. Dieting is not easy. But I’m not going to quit! Instead, I’m going to carry on. I’m going to eat healthier, most of the time. Maybe that’s what I really need. Sure, I’ll eat garbage every once in a while. But my lifestyle is changing. I feel healthier, even though I splurged a bit today with sweets. So I’m not discouraged. If anything, I’m even more motivated to continue my path towards healthy living.

With diet comes exercise. And I seem to be able to exercise every other day. My hope is that, as I become more serious about health, I exercise every day. It doesn’t matter how much I do. It just matters that I do something.